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2018 marks the beginning of Tom Lynch’s fifty seventh year in the ceramic tile, natural stone and terrazzo industries which began when he was a senior in high school in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. The year was 1961. Working as a tile helper to put himself through college at the University of Wisconsin he learned the trades from the ground up from some of the most talented craftsmen in the Midwest.

By 1967, at the age of 23 and after having left college to concentrate on the construction trades for his career, Tom had completed union apprenticeship training programs for the installation of ceramic tile, natural stone, terrazzo, carpet and resilient flooring. Hard work and dedication propelled Tom to become one of the very best ceramic tile installers in the state and soon became the top estimator and project manager for the L&O Tile Company in Madison, Wisconsin.

By 1969 he started his own ceramic and stone tile contracting company; Madison Tile Company. During this time Tom also served as the sub contractor liaison person to the Madison, Wisconsin chapter of The Associated General Contractors (AGC).

Eighteen years as a self employed tile contractor performing large commercial projects as well as residential installations uniquely prepared Tom to enter the allied products field where, in 1987, he became a technical adviser to the Hydroment Company in Long Beach, California. In this capacity he spent countless hours overseeing the quality testing of installation products at the Smith – Emory Labs in Los Angeles and then following up with his own installation related testing at the Long Beach facility.

During this time in the Los Angeles area Tom was asked to join the Ceramic Tile Institute Problem Solving Committee. One day each week Tom and a group of technical experts that were well versed in the installation of ceramic tile would meet to inspect tile failures in the greater Los Angeles area to determine the causes for failure and make recommendations as to how to prevent future problems from occurring. It was here that Tom was recruited by the Mapei Corporation to relocate to Chicago, IL and become that company’s Technical Services Manager. In this capacity Tom was responsible for investigating installation failures, conducting installation seminars, working with the lab to develop new products, and writing technical articles for publication.

In 1992 Tom returned to his native state of Wisconsin to become an independent manufacturer’s representative and technical consultant to the industry. In 2008 he relocated to North Carolina where he has continued his technical consulting business full time.

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